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Oracle SPARC Servers

Oracle's SPARC servers are categorized into three groups known as S7, T7, and M7. By converging software functions into silicon, this branch of servers provides true integration from application to processor. SPARC servers also have always-on memory intrusion protection and comprehensive data encryption to secure your servers against any cyber threats. SPARC servers are also engineered for clould optimization.

SPARC T5Oracle T5 Servers
Oracle T5 Servers
SPARC T5 Processor
Up to 8 Processors
Up to 4 TB Memory
Built-in Security
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SPARC T7Oracle T7 Servers
Oracle T7 Servers
SPARC M7 Processor
Up to 4 Processors
Up to 2 TB Memory
Built-in Security
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SPARC M7Oracle M7 Servers
Oracle M7 Servers
SPARC M7 Processor
Up to 16 Processors
Up to 8 TB Memory
Built-in Security
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Oracle Sun
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Oracle SPARC T7-1 Server

Most Secure and Powerful Single- Socket Server for Enterprise Computing. This ...

Oracle SPARC T7-2 Server

Most Advanced Two-Socket Server for End-to-End Security. This breakthrough system secures ...

Oracle SPARC T7-4 Server

Secure, Fast, and Built for the Real-Time Enterprise. This breakthrough four-socket ...

SPARC S7-2 Server

Engineered for information security, Oracle’s SPARC S7-2 Server provides extreme per-core ...

Oracle Sun SPARC T5-2 Server

Oracle's SPARC T5-2 server is an ideal platform for business-critical applications that ...

Oracle Sun SPARC T5-4 Server

Oracle's SPARC T5-4 server combines high single-thread performance with massive system ...

Oracle Sun SPARC T5-8 Server

Extreme Performance and Scalability in a Compact High-End Server. Oracle's SPARC T5-8 ...

SPARC S7-2L Server

Oracle’s SPARC S7-2L server addresses the requirements of scale-out and secure cloud ...

Oracle SPARC T5-1B Blade Server Module

The SPARC T5-1B Server Module is the single-chip SPARC system based on the latest ...

Oracle SPARC T8-1 Server

Oracle’s SPARC T8-1 server is a single-processor system that enables organizations to ...

Oracle SPARC T8-2 Server

Oracle’s SPARC T8-2 Server is coengineered with Oracle Database, Java, and enterprise ...

Oracle SPARC T8-4 Server

Oracle’s SPARC T8-4 Server is a breakthrough four-socket server coengineered with Oracle ...

Oracle SPARC M7-8 Server

Highly Scalable, Secure, In-Memory Computing with Outstanding Uptime and ...

Oracle SPARC M7-16 Server

Massively Scalable, Secure, In-Memory Computing with the Highest Uptime and Capacity. ...

Oracle SPARC M6-32 Server

Extreme Price/Performance. In-Memory Computing. Powered by the new SPARC M6 processors, ...

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