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Oracle x86 Servers

Oracle's Sun x86 systems are the best platform for running Oracle software where x86 architectures are required. Only Oracle provides an optimized hardware and software stack that offers a choice of OS, virtualization software, and cloud management tools—all at no extra charge.

Oracle Sun
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Oracle x86 X6-2L Server

Oracle Server X6-2L is the ideal 2U platform for databases and enterprise storage ...

Oracle x86 X6-2 Server

Oracle Server X6-2 is designed to be the most secure and reliable two-socket x86 server ...

Oracle x86 X5-8 Server

Designed for Oracle Database and Scale-Up Enterprise Applications. Oracle's most flexible ...

Oracle x86 X5-4 Server

Most Reliable 4-Socket x86 Server. Co-engineered with Oracle operating systems and Oracle ...

Oracle x86 X5-2 Server

Best x86 Server for Oracle Database Cluster and Virtualization. Provides the best ...

Oracle x86 X5-2L Server

Premier 2U, x86 Platform for Database and Enterprise Storage. Provides a storage-dense, ...

Oracle Sun x86 X4-4 Server

Best x86 Server for Running Oracle Software. Provides the ideal x86 virtualization ...

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