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Legacy Sun Servers

Oracle and Sun Microsystems legacy servers still have great power and value. Find end of life systems from entry level to carrier level servers.

Oracle Sun
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Oracle Sun Netra X4270 Server

Oracle's Sun Netra X4270 server is a NEBS-compliant, carrier-grade system designed for ...

Oracle Sun Netra X6270 M2 Server Module

Oracle's Sun Netra X6270 M2 delivers high scalability, carrier-grade reliability, and ...

Oracle Sun SPARC T3-1 Server

Oracle's Sun SPARC T3-1 server is the first 16-core, 128-thread, general-purpose system ...

Oracle Sun SPARC T3-2 Server

Oracle's SPARC T3-2 server with 32 cores delivers up to 256 simultaneous threads to help ...

Oracle Sun SPARC T3-4 Server

The Oracle Sun SPARC T3-4 server is part of Oracle's four-socket, modular T-series server.

Oracle Sun SPARC T4-1 Server

Oracle's Sun SPARC T4-1 server running Oracle Solaris delivers high performance in a ...

Oracle Sun SPARC T4-1B Server Module

Oracle's Sun SPARC T4-1B server module running Oracle Solaris with Oracle's Sun Blade ...

Oracle Sun SPARC T4-2 Server

Oracle's Sun SPARC T4-2 server running Oracle Solaris provides high performance in a ...

Oracle Sun SPARC T4-4 Server

The Sun SPARC T4-4 server is a highly performing database and enterprise workload server ...

Oracle Sun SPARC T5240 Server

The Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server allows you to consolidate your data center ...

Sun Netra T2000 Server

The Sun Fire T2000 server is a scalable and reliable high-performance, entry-level ...

Sun Netra T5220 Server

Sun Netra T5220 server optimizes application throughput, density, and power consumption ...

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