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Adirondack Networks also carries an inventory of Fujitsu PRIMERGY hardware equipment that has reached its End of Life (EOL) or End of Sale (EOS), it means that Fujitsu is no longer producing or selling the particular server or networking equipment.

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PRIMERGY TX300 S6 Tower Server

PRIMERGY TX300 S6 is a no compromise tower server offering maximum performance, ...

PRIMERGY TX150 S7 Tower Server

The PRIMERGY TX150 S7 is the right system for SMEs or non-mission-critical decentralized ...

PRIMERGY TX140 S1 Tower Server

The PRIMERGY TX140 S1, the expandable SME all-rounder, is ideal for SME or branch ...

PRIMERGY TX120 S3 Tower Server

PRIMERGY TX120 S3 is for small environments with high demands.

PRIMERGY TX100 S3 Tower Server

The PRIMERGY TX100 S3 is ideal for SMEs, looking for a first server with Intel® Xeon® ...

PRIMERGY RX900 S2 Rack Server

PRIMERGY RX900 S2 is a new x86 based 8-socket rack server, designed for mission-critical ...

PRIMERGY RX600 S6 Rack Server

PRIMERGY RX600 S6 the Quad socket server with latest Intel Xeon processor series is in ...

PRIMERGY RX300 S6 Rack Server

The PRIMERGY RX300 S6 is a 2 U rack server which has been optimized for virtualization ...

PRIMERGY RX200 S6 Rack Server

PRIMERGY RX200 S6 offers the seemingly impossible: more performance, higher extendibility ...

PRIMERGY RX100 S7 Rack Server

PRIMERGY RX100 S7 is for SMEs and data centers, looking for high availability, ...

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