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Performance Manager for Amazon Web Services


Businesses are taking advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) external cloud compute resources to optimize service and application delivery, and improve their speed to market. To get the most value from AWS, it requires control, management and visibility of these cloud resources. Performance Manager for AWS powered by ScienceLogicâ„¢ visually presents key metrics and information to enable real-time changes and continuous operations improvement for optimum service performance and delivery.

This convenient, pay-as-you-go SaaS based monitoring service employs the award winning ScienceLogic IT management platform. Performance Manager for AWS provides real-time, trended, and correlated data that empowers the decision-making ability of customers to ensure proactive, cost-effective, and informed management of AWS services. Dynamic Component Mapping and dashboards provide configuration information and key performance and health metrics of all AWS services that an application is dependent on. The metrics are shown for all AWS accounts, services, and active regions all from a single pane of glass.

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Whether you are an enterprise managing multiple AWS accounts or an AWS reseller with multi-customers, Performance Manager for AWS provides you with an affordable pay as you grow capability. This service simplifies the monitoring, managing, and optimizing of AWS services with unmatched visibility through a truly multitenant platform with dashboards and pre-built reports.

Key Benefits:

  • Total Visibility: Provides AWS service inventories across multiple accounts, and multiple owners, and across multiple regions and service types. See Technical Specifications for monitored service types.
  • IT Operations Management: In a single, integrated solution from asset discovery to performance management.
  • Proactive Performance + Health Detection: Extract extensive performance and health information using monitoring templates for full visibility into your AWS environment. With this information, take proactive action across all Amazon accounts and services, as far back as necessary to make informed business decisions moving forward. Metrics are collected against EC2 instances, Amazon DynamoDB, RDS, ELB, SQS, SNS, SNS Topic, Storage Gateways, Storage Gateway Volumes, Elastic Map Reduce, Regions and Availability Zones (Data Centers).
  • Continuous Improvement of Amazon Operations: Optimize workload allocation against resources and reduce risk of service degradation by showing collected information over time and correlating it with AWS service levels.
  • Unified Application & Service Views: A portal provides application views that can be made up of instances and resources running across multiple regions. The multi-tenancy functionality enables management and views that can be customized for different groups or functions.

Technical Specs

Performance Manager for AWS provides a portal with high-level service views and drill downs to gain more visibility into specific components being used.

Customized user access to dashboard, reports, registry and view tabs.

The following details the Amazon Web Services that can be monitored and a sample of the collected metrics include:


Sample Metrics

EC2 Instances Instance ID, AMI ID, Platform, Root Device, Instance Type/State, Status Checks, Alarm Status, Monitoring Level, Security Groups, Placement Group, Public DNS Name, Private DNS Name, Private IP Address, Availability Zone (Key Pair Name), Region, Access Key, Instance Index, Launch Time, Service Status, Virtualization Type, Reservation, State Transition Reason, Kernel ID, Subnet ID, Source Destination Check, Lifecycle, RAM Disk ID, AMI Launch Index, Elastic IP, VPC ID, Block devices, Tenancy, CPU, Disk Read Bytes/Ops, Disk Read Bytes/Ops, Network In/Out
EBS Volumes Idle Time, Queue Length, Read Bytes/Ops, Total Read Time, Total Write Time, Write Bytes/Ops
Elastic Load Balancers Availability Zone, Load Balancer Name, Instance ID List, Instance Listener List, Service Status, Health Host Count, Latency, Request Count, Unhealthy Host Count, HTTPCode_ELB_4/5xx, HTTPCode_Backend_2/3/4/5xx
RDS Instances DB Instance Identifier, Database Class, Engine Name, VPC ID, Multi-AZ, Status, Storage Size, Security Groups, Pending Values, DB Subnet Group Name, Created Time, Zone, Alarm Status, Service Status, Bin Log Disk Usage, CPU Utilization, Database Connections, Freeable Memory, Free Storage Space, Replica Lag, Read/Write IOPs, Read/Write Latency, Read/Write Throughout
SQS Queues Name, URL, ARN, Message Available, Message in Flight, Message Delayed, Created, Last Updated, Visibility Timeout, Retention Period, Max Message Size, Delivery Delay, Service Status, # Messages Sent/Received, Sent Message Size, # Empty Receives, # Messages Delayed, Approximate # Messages Delayed/Visible/Not Visible
SNS Topics Name, Service Status, # Messages Published, Published Size, # Notifications Delivered/ Failed
Storage Gateway/Volumes Gateway ID, Gateway Name, Volume ID, Volume Name, Service Status, Read/Write Bytes, Read/Write Time, Queued Writes, Cloud Bytes Downloaded/Uploaded, Cloud Download Latency, Working Storage Percent Used, Working Storage Used, Working Storage Free
Elastic MapReduce Job Flow ID, Job ID, Service Status (Health Status RSS), Core Nodes Pending/Running, HDFS Bytes Read/ Written, HDFS Utilization, IS Idle, Jobs Failed/Running, Live Data Nodes, Live Task Trackers, Map Slots Open, Missing Blocks, Reduce Slots Open, Remaining Map Tasks/Per Slot, Remaining Reduce Tasks, Running Map Tasks, Running Reduce Tasks, S3 Bytes Read, S3 Bytes Written, Task Nodes Pending/ Running, Total Load

Packages & Pricing

This service is available in the United States. All pricing for the packaged offerings are listed as suggested retail price (SRP) in US currency.

Base Package

  • 24x7x365 Technical Support
  • 99.9% Availability SLA
  • Leverages AWS RESTful API via Public/Secret Keys
  • AWS Monitoring Templates
  • Hosted in SSAE16 Compliant Facilities
  • Customized User Access to Dashboard, Reports, Registry and View Tabs
  • Net setup fees
  • No Term Commitment
Starting at


Subscription Fee (per AWS Account)*

*Monthly Usage Fee: 7% of AWS Monthly Invoice

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