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Leading Reseller of Servers, Networking Hardware & Services

Adirondack Networks specializes in the resale and purchase of new and used computer & networking hardware from leading manufacturers such as Sun Microsystems/Oracle, Cisco, HP, Dell, Juniper & Fujitsu. Through our global network of partners, we are able to deliver products more efficiently and cost effective than mainline distribution. As a company with 25+ years of market knowledge, we understand your IT requirements and provide customers the ability to custom-configure and integrate systems, provide hard-to-find, discontinued or end-of-life IT equipment at a tremendous cost savings.

With our extensive knowledge of the secondary market for refurbished IT hardware, we are able to help organizations achieve a greater return of capital from their surplus and decommissioned equipment. By eliminating the inexperienced specialists in recycling, customers will receive fair-market value, instead of scrap value!! Let us help you recover your technology assets and turn your surplus equipment into working capital.

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